Released on Nov 01 , 2017.

FAQ - Before becoming a member

【Q1】How long is subscription period?
We have three kinds payment periods of 1 months, 5 months, 12 months. The longer payment periods, a cost per day is cheaper than short payment period. Each periods are not automatically subscription payment.

【Q2】How much subscription fee of Membership?
You can choose from three kinds payment.

【Q3】Can I unsubscribe membership' at any time?
Yes, You can cancellation at any times from the "unsubscribe" button.

【Q4】Is the payment system safe secure?
Yes, we use bitcoin payment method.

【Q5】Should I be worried about spam or unwanted emails?
No spam emails.

【Q6】What is available payment methods other than bitcoin?
Western Union, MoneyGram.

FAQ about VIP content
VIP content is a service available only for members who have subscribed 90 consecutive days or more from your entry, which consists of VIP members only contents.
*VIP contents will only be available for 30 days after release date and will be deleted after that.
*Please note that conditions for VIP user account and release of content may be updated without prior notice.

【Q1】How to become a VIP user?
The member's account type will be upgraded to "VIP" after 90 consecutive days of membership, which grants access to VIP contents. *You can confirm your member's account type from "account settings" located on the top right corner after login.

【Q2】I can not access to VIP content even I am logged in?
VIP content can not be accessed if member's account type is "standard" (Sample image attached)

【Q3】 Restrictions imposed on some countries
People from Latin Countries, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Switzerland, Russia, China, Canada, United States, can subscribe by inviting our vip member, Or they can subscribe directly to an annual membership.

【Q4】What happens to member's account type after unsubscribing?

SECRET STARS is a service for continuous membership. Please note that once unsubscribed from the service, member's account type will be reset to "standard" and membership consecutive days count will reset, no matter the reason.

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